Large Square Meditation Pillow-black

Large Square Meditation Pillow-black


Our LARGE SQUARE MEDITATION PILLOW has been designed for individual purchase or as part of a 'meditation set'.

Hand-knitted with an original Bolivian basket and linkslinks stitch and crocheted pom-pom swirl tassles, the LARGE SQUARE MEDITATION PILLOW has been carefully cushioned with goose-down to allow you to sit comfortably.

Its minimalist and modern aesthetic fits right in to any space at home or in the studio. 100% all-natural cashllama fiber has been combined with 100% all-natural baby Alpaca fiber, to create a rich, soft, naturally hypoallergenic and non-flammable material. 

*Natural fibers and colors come with striations and grain that is a normal part of the manufacturing process and not to be confused for stains or discoloration.

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