Yin Yang Slippers

Yin Yang Slippers


Our YIN YANG SLIPPERS are hand-knitted using traditional Bolivian artisanal techniques to create a nubby stitch that keeps your feet cozy wherever you are at home, travelling or away. 

Made from the finest all-natural Cashllama fiber (derived cruelty-free from the softest part of the llama's coat) and combined with 100% all-natural baby Alpaca fiber, the slipper material is breathable, warm and very rich. Soft to touch, elastic, naturally glossy, hypoallergenic and non-flammable, our YIN YANG SLIPPERS are available in 2 colorways (natural and black) to complement your outfit and mood. 

*All colors are the original, untreated and natural fiber colors of these cemelid animals.

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